My Dream. My Destiny.

How KingMakers bridged the gap between
My Dream and My Destiny of becoming an IFS

 One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. 
- John C. Maxwell

This saying of John C. Maxwell is true in my case.

I am Beno Zephine, a 100% visually challenged lady who has gone ahead to become India’s first and only 100% visually challenged woman serving IFS.

When I was an aspirant, I was looking for the right guidance that could accelerate my preparation– an institution that can help me break my barriers in clearing India’s most competitive exam. After having scrutinized from a list of academies in Chennai, I chose KingMakers IAS Academy. My first meeting with Mr.Boominathan gave me the assurance that I am going to get the best learning experience needed for the exam.

Amidst many academies which run mainly on a business model, KingMakers stands out from the rest. I was given 100% scholarship for my visual impairment. There were many co-aspirants who were given merit scholarships in order to bridge the financial barriers. The faculty of subject experts and their experience with the UPSC exam was very useful in fine-tuning my approach to tackling each subject. I always found my trainers available and welcoming for clearing doubts and the extra help that I needed during the learning process. I have to mention about the special guest lectures by bureaucrats arranged from time to time by Mr.Boominathan sir. I was deeply motivated and felt re-energized every time after hearing the experiences of former & currently serving civil servants.

What I felt to be very unique at KingMakers is how the mentors guide the aspirants in understanding the pattern of the UPSC exams of the past and the ability to precisely predict the possible questions by getting into the minds of the examiners. This is one of the key reasons why I was able to clear the interview easily. The amount of training that was provided in grooming my personality, improving my confidence and restructuring my answers in the mock interview greatly helped in crossing the final hurdle of the interview process.

But that’s not the end of the story. My choice was IFS. I was told that IFS does not accept a person with 100% blindness. I thus faced many procedural delays and hurdles in the process and it was during such crucial time when Mr.Boominathan sir stood by me, truly walked the extra mile and played a major role in obtaining for me service in IFS by meeting the Prime Minister’s office and Ministry of External Affairs. Not only did he obtain for me service in IFS, but made history by having a G.O passed that will pave way for a visually challenged person like me to get into IFS in future.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr.Boominathan and also wish him the very best in mentoring and influencing many aspirants like me in the road to becoming a civil servant.